Moors & McCumber Tix -12/6/18
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John Erlandson & Friends: Moors & McCumber Tickets

Thursday, December 6th, 2018

Moors & McCumber Evergreen House Concert


30841 Clubhouse Ln
Evergreen Colorado 80439
USA 303-618-4900 [map]
Price: $15.00

Hi All Music Lovers!
Our good friends, James Moors and Kort McCumber will be with us on Thursday, December 6th for an extra special night of music in Evergreen at the home of Bruce & Roxanne Anderson, 30841 Clubhouse Ln Evergreen. We are suggesting a $15 donation at the door. The evening will commence with a 6-7PM ‘Meet & Greet’/Appetizers & Libations time with the music starting at 7PM.

Come ready for an intimate, sit down concert with two of the world’s best singer-songwriters, multi-instrumentals, story-and-song spinsters and overall good guys. This will be an evening you will enjoy and remember for a long time. Best, P & J.
Check them out at:

"In one sentence, Moors and McCumber create that rare chemistry that happens when two gifted singer- songwriters and multi-instrumentalists perfectly complement each other’s strengths, a modern day version of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. In 100 Words….James Moors and Kort McCumber grew up in different places and listening to different kinds of music – classical, rock, bluegrass, you name it. But when they met ten years ago they knew they’d found something golden. Since then, they’ve been cultivating their wide-ranging musical influences in songs that delve into love and life through haunting lyrics, soaring harmonies, and dazzling instrumental proficiency.

Of their album, Pandemonium, Jay Snyder says, “The folk revival has been running rampant across America right now. Some of it’s hot and some of it’s not, just like any genre that experiences a resurrection long after its golden era. Along comes Moors and McCumber, a pair of Midwesterners who are rabid to do the genre justice, and justice they do it across the twelve tracks of Pandemonium, an album chockful of wistful multi-instrumentalism, Appalachian vocal harmonies and songwriting straight from the heart. Dylan, Guthrie and Earle are the names that come to mind whenever their enchanting tunes come full blast out of a good set of stereo speakers."

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